Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Networking event a great success

Our second event at Club Diana in Wellingborough yesterday was fabulous with a wonderfully welcoming family atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting most people went home inspired by Steve Rees, the Managing Director of local online directory The best of Wellingborough. He told us a very moving story about a message from a friend he received on his answerphone on a Friday night. He was too busy and involved with the usual stuff to call him back straight away and suddenly it was Tuesday before he got around to making the call. He was too late. His friend had committed suicide. Steve as you can imagine took this very badly for a very long time. He taught us the value of returning messages.

Having felt so comfortable with one another (despite many of us not knowing one another before), many left inspired to want to help one another and do a lot of business "together".

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